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Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Experience a spectacular virtual journey into the mysterious world of the spirit of the American Natives

Put on your headphones and turn up the loudspeakers

Carry out the Shamanic ritual

OBSERVE the image beneath attentively
and let yourself be inspired...

CHOOSE from the list of sounds on your left
the one that, according to your feeling,
best describes the image beneath
and have fun combining all the sounds

LISTEN to the ritual you have just created:
the right combination of
“sound ingredients” will make up
the ritual and unlock
a special content


This roller coaster will never be the same again with virtual reality

All the adrenaline of the roller coasters combined with the most advanced virtual reality technology. Experience an extraordinary journey through this unique combination of real aerial developments and a breathtaking virtual flight.

“The high standard graphics and a completely immersive and cutting-edge audio system make the innovations of Gardaland 2017 some of the most sophisticated virtual reality experiences for existing roller coasters”
(Simon Reveley, Managing Director Figment Productions Ltd)

Live an adrenaline-filled adventure and return safe and sound... to reality.