Gardaland Resort

Virtual Reality
Roller Coaster

Experience a spectacular virtual journey
into the mysterious world of the spirit of the American Natives

The Experience

Guided by the breath of the wind that brings along the enchanting sound of a dreamcatcher, cross the entrance of the shamanic dwelling.

A wolf, a bear, a majestic eagle, reproductions so perfect that look real, looking like they are welcoming you.

“Put on your viewer, Brother of mine” is the firm invitation given by the Shaman, “it will help you reaching the world of spirits of our ancestors”.

A tortuous trail unravels before you, surrounding the typically unruly scenery of the Rocky Mountains. Ahead of you, in all its grandness, the Dreamcatcher: sole access point to the sacredness of the site where the ancestors rest.

You suddenly find yourself riding a great eagle, freefalling towards the unknown. The journey has commenced. You are not alone. Malign spirits appear everywhere, they head towards you, they chase you, they try to catch you, they want you. The eagle lowers, performs some acrobatics, it looks like you are about to crash, but the eagle is only trying to protect you, at all costs.

Flying close to the ground you realise that the eagle is not the only fighting for you: bears, wolves and other incorporeal creatures are courageously facing the evil ones: they are the guiding spirits.

And here it is, in front of you, almost like a mirage, the Dreamcatcher: its evanescent light look like an invitation to cross it, leaving evil behind you, forever.

The Setting

The Shaman’s shed is there, discreet, at the extreme limits of the village, right where the harsh slope of the mountain begins. Enter inside and carefully observe symbols, carvings and reproductions: nothing is there by chance.

Start climbing along a tortuous trail; you feel small in front of the immensity of the Rocky Mountains landscapes and of a Dreamcatcher that stands tall and majestic before your eyes; it is the access to the World of Spirits.

Join this extraordinary virtual journey and return to reality, safe and sound, leaving behind you the evil spirits.


Virtual Reality
Roller Coaster

Experience an extraordinary journey through this unique combination
of real aerial developments and a breathtaking virtual flight.

An innovative project that completely revolutionises the experience aboard the most mythical and legendary rollercoaster of Gardaland, appreciated for its double loop, its double tailspin and the superfast final helix!

The high-speed breath-taking trip, the vertiginous descents, the side tailspins and its double loop will never be the same!

Thanks to special viewers, the Virtual Reality, applied to the famous Rollercoaster, immerses the fearless passenger in a parallel reality: an adventurous and unexpected world where you can live, in first person, a unique and memorable experience, reaching unprecedented levels of adrenaline.

All the adrenaline of the roller coasters combined
with the most advanced virtual reality technology.

Live an adrenaline-filled adventure
and return safe and sound... to reality.